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Discount Auto Insurance Is Possible If…….

Discount Auto Insurance Is Possible If You Use These Methods

Getting discount auto insurance doesn’t mean that you have to end up with low quality cover.

When you start looking for cheap car insurance quotes you will find that premiums vary

considerably for the same cover.
Low cost auto insurance is certainly possible. You can help yourself here by putting in the
time and effort to contact several car insurance companies and compare their quotes. A lot of
car owners in America will not do this and pay a lot more as a result.
So it’s time to spring into action and make it your mission to get the best deal on your auto
insurance. Just use the methods explained below and you will be on your way to very cheap
car insurance.
Compare Car Insurance Quotes using comparison websites

To make your shopping around for discount auto insurance easier you can use comparison

websites. The best comparison websites for auto insurance will compare quotes from the
largest insurance companies and some of the smallest ones too.
In America you can use a website like nerdwallet.com to compare auto insurance quotes for
free. There are other websites too. Just perform a search for “compare car insurance quotes”
and you should get a list of website you can use.
What Factors affect your Auto Insurance Premium?
All car insurance companies will make an assessment of the risk they will take by providing
you with cover. There are many different factors that they take into account. They look at you
and your driving record, where you live, the type of car you drive and previous claims history
to name but a few.
Here are some of the things that an auto insurance company will consider:
.Where you live – this might seem unfair but some locations have higher accident rates
and car theft rates than others. If you live in an urban area it is likely you will pay
.The type of car you drive – this is really important. It is going to cost a lot more to
insure a high powered foreign sports car than it is a family saloon. Some makes of car
cost a lot more to repair which is more of a risk. Others will have a higher theft rate.
.How good a driver you are – if you are a safe driver with a clean driving history you
will pay less. Some car insurance companies will provide additional discounts for this
as well.
.How many miles do you drive – you will usually obtain more affordable car insurance
the less miles you drive a year.
.Your credit history – in a lot of states insurers will take your credit history into
account. Their thinking here is that people with low credit scores are more likely to
make auto insurance claims.
.How old you are – young inexperienced drivers will pay more than more mature
.Are you married – records indicate that married drivers tend to have fewer accidents
than single drivers.
A lot of car owners opt for either collision or comprehensive cover (sometimes both) because
they want the additional protection. This is understandable but it is not always the right thing
to do.
If your car is fairly old and the market value is low then we suggest that you think again
about this additional cover. The most that the car insurance company will pay out in a claim
is the market value of your car. When this value is really low the extra cost of the cover may
not be worth it.
If you really want collision and comprehensive cover then go for a higher deductible. The
auto insurance company will provide different quotes for different levels of deductible.
You can obtain cheap auto insurance quotes through the application of discounts. There are
certain groups of people and situations where discounts apply. For example veterans and
military personnel are often eligible for discounts.
Ask the car insurance companies what discounts they offer. Usually these will be available
for safe drivers, full time students and car owners that have approved anti theft and safety
equipment installed. If you don’t ask you won’t get.
Now that you know what affects your car insurance premium, and that you need to compare
car insurance quotes you need to take action. Do everything that you can so that you end up

with discount auto insurance.


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